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History and goals:

New site design is presented.
New Forum is opened. You can ask the  questions  about our products .

   Since 1999 our team is developing large web projects and compact web components. We have developed sophisticated e-commerce system based on Java applets-client side and ISAPI IIS- MSSQL-server side. We have developed a number of special applet based web shops, such as web dressroom, fashion salon, beauty salon... You can see the prototypes of these works here.

   Now we are developing compact easy to use  web components for both client and server side. We hope that these components makes it easy to develop sophisticated modern web sites without hard programming. We have chosen Java technology for our activity rather than Microsoft NET because of their portability and reliability. So if you chose Java for your web site - it is really the best choice! You can download and use most of our components for free, but if you need additional support you must pay us only 150$ for all of our products. We also can do special development of Java beans servlets applets and JavaScript widgets for you . See Pricing


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